In 2007 the Lord started to ignite a passion and curiosity in me (Rebekah) about Haiti. I could not go more than a few days without somebody mentioning Haiti. It seemed like everywhere I turned the Lord was drawing my vision back to this country I knew little about. After about a year I finally made the decision to do something with this curiosity and began to put a trip together to visit The Hands and Feet Project. In 2009, I led a team of 8 individuals to HAF Jacmel. As soon as we pulled up to the property, I knew that this place was going to be a part of my life for the long-term. After a very eye opening week, myself and most of the rest of the team made the commitment to return once a year as long as we possibly could. We returned again in 2010, and 2011. In 2011 something felt different. I wanted more than just a week trip at this place that I had grown to love. I wanted to explore the option of living in Haiti full-time and committed to a summer internship with my younger brother, Cameron. At the end of the summer, I was not prepared to leave. My love for Haiti and the people had grown more intense. However, I had one semester left to complete my Bachelors degree. I reluctantly came back to the states to complete my degree and doors opened for me to be on staff full-time for HAF stateside. It was a beautiful way for me to stay connected, continue learning about the mission and vision of the organization I had already grown to love while I completed school. A few months after my return I met Quinton. After we met I had to surrender my own ideals of moving back to Haiti and trust that the Lord had a calling and vision for the both of us, as a couple. Not long after we married, Quinton felt the Lord had revealed to him a vision for us as a couple, that we would serve long-term on the international mission field. He wasn't sure Haiti was it just yet, so we committed to exploring the other places that our hearts were being tugged towards. We spent a week in Haiti and a month later a week in Nicaragua. Although we greatly enjoyed our time in Nicaragua, it solidified in us that Haiti was where we were supposed to go. After months of learning to be patient, doors slowly began to open and now we are here, preparing to go to Haiti full-time. Looking back at this journey it is very evident how the Lord has opened doors and closed them for seasons. We are excited to step into this new adventure and to continue sharing the story of what the Lord is doing in Haiti and specifically at The Hands and Feet Project. Even though we are in the beginning stages of this journey, the Lord has already solidified and reminded us that this is what He has called us to and He will provide.

Thank you for participating in our story as we begin to help develop leaders in a nation that has become a part of who we are.  Pray for us as the Lord continues to lead and guide and we continually learn to submit His plan for us. Our desire is to continually learn how to love and serve just as Jesus did.

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Continuing the Journey,

Quinton and Rebekah