Six years ago, only six months after the devastating earthquake in 2010, I traveled with my high school youth group to Haiti for the first time. I packed my bags, and headed to this foreign land where I had no idea the Lord would dramatically change my heart. Throughout my first week in Haiti, I was more than ready to get back to my comforts in America but instead God had other plans.

After numerous other short term trips to Haiti, I decided that I loved that place too much and I wanted more. I then worked as an intern for Mission of Hope: Haiti in Titanyen. Once I worked hand in hand with Haitians and learned more about the culture, I feel even deeper in love with the people (as if that was possible). From there, I have begun to build relationships and serve at Hands and Feet and the Lord has fulfilled my desires to live and love in Haiti. I am so excited for how the Lord will use me in Grand Guave with Hands and Feet Project.